Thursday, February 5, 2015

The meat lift

 I made contact with Irv last night. As usual I was lying awake and awaiting his broadcast. I heard the loud pop which signals the beginning of each of his "radioactive radio" shows, and was immediately at the ready with my recording equipment.
 He had specified after our first communication that he would like to communicate on a different frequency than that on which I had first discovered him; in order to preserve the integrity of his radio show. He directed me towards what he calls "the secret frequency", one which he reserves for communicating with his friend Doc. As far as I can tell, there is nothing secret about it, only that no one else is using it.
 It was on this frequency that I asked Irv my first question with the intention of recording his answer for the world to hear. I've included the recording and transcript, As well as a recording of that evenings radio show.
The question was: 
Who are you and where are you from.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

To begin

 Ive had numerous interviews with Irv over the last few months, since I first made contact with him. I wish that I could have had the ability to record them at the time, but I ran into technical problems transferring the radio feed to my recording equipment. I think I have finally worked out the kinks and am ready to record his next broadcast.
 I'm eager to present my discovery to the world, although I don't like calling him such. Whatever world or whatever time he exists in, he is as human as you or I.
 Communication with Irv proves difficult. Whatever device he is broadcasting through is unknown to me. I don't think he knows much about it himself, judging from the questions I've asked. He says he got it from his friend, "Doc", as he calls him. 
 He mentions Doc a lot, the man seems to have been some kind of mentor to Irv, and a scientist of sorts. He is also apparently responsible for supplying Irv with the records that he loves so much, along with his transmitting machine.
 According to Irv, its called a radioactive radio. I don't know what that means, but I presume from the name that it is a transmitting and receiving device that uses radioactivity as a means of power or transmission. Whatever it is, it appears to be able to, through function or accident, send radio signals through time and space. 
 As I mentioned earlier, I think my equipment is ready to record the next broadcast, I shall be staying up every night in order to catch it. I look forward to finally introducing you to Irv.